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Cultural Tours

Cultural Experience: “Meeting the People” tours

There are varied experiences you can choose from on a cultural tour. Get an insight into some aspects of the daily life of the people at the destination, as you discover how welcoming and hospitable the villagers are. Despite the diversity of cultures and traditions of Tanzanians, you will everywhere be met with a smile and “Karibu!” as you are ushered into a home or received at a cultural tour office.

In Tanzania the cultural tours initiative came about through the local people desiring to meet the visitors to the country, to give another dimension to tourism and travel.The objective has been to enrich the visitor’s perspective of the land visited through sharing and exchanging cultural values while an economic milestone at the host destination is achieved.

The walks through fields, scenic countryside are indeed breathtaking! If your visit coincides with a ritual or ceremony, you will witness the event, complete with song, drumbeats and dance – all in a feast of celebration!

Do spend part of a morning, afternoon or a full day in a local community and discover all the steps it takes to grow, tender, pick, dry, roast, pound and brew a pot of aromatic coffee.You will get the rare opportunity to participate in the process yourself before you finally enjoy the real taste of this refreshing kahawa. You can also take home a packet of the personally processed pure Tanzanian coffee!

The local cuisine, made perfect with fresh farm ingredients and spices will certainly live up to your palate!  And before you bid your hosts goodbye with “Kwa heri”, you will also have been taken through the history and legends carried forth from ancestors and passed on through generations to the present day.

The experiences will truly make an unforgettable imprint on your mind!

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