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Arusha National Park/Hike

Walking in Arusha National Park you get the full benefit of the knowledge of the wildlife, bird life, forestry, waterfalls and many more. Walking in this park following game trails stimulate you as you get closer and interact with the wildlife and you learn much more about it. When you in a car animals are just another feature of the landscape. The hike offers a scenic variety in its lush forests and striking views of the mountains Meru and Kilimanjaro. The hike is a four hour guided walk accompanied by an experienced ranger for security since one may expect to encounter wildlife such as zebra, gazelle, giraffe, Colobus monkey and perhaps even a buffalo or two.

Canoeing in Arusha National Park

You can also enjoy couple of hours of scenic canoeing in this park, following the shorelines of small Momella Lake. This is an excellent way of viewing high densities of wildlife – many animals are attracted to the water to drink and hunt.

Lake Manyara Cultural Village Walk, Biking, Night Game-drive

Cultural village walk through the village of Mto wa Mbu, where a lot of different tribes co-exist peacefully. You walk through the village for 2-3 hrs interacting with its residents. You will visit the school and meet the children, visit the hospital, the village bar, and even residents in their homes. For those you do not like the touristy bit, will find this experience different.

If you are interested in meeting members of the legendary Maasai people, we can arrange for you to go walking with them. You will hear their stories firsthand and learn about the inspirational way of life and history of these proud warriors and cattle herders.

For biking - The Great Rift Valley escarpment is a wonderful place. At a relaxed and easy going pace, your guide will take you on a bike ride that lasts between two to three hours. Firstly down the Rift Valley escarpment, through the village of Mto Wa Mbu, past farmlands and acacia forests all the way to the border of Manyara National Park. This ride is an excellent introduction into daily life in a typical Tanzania village and ends with local lunch prepared for you by a lady in the village.

Night Game-drives – these are accompanied by two guides. At night, animals behave quite differently than during the day. Hippos come out of the water, civet cats come out to hunt, and you may even see porcupines or, if you are lucky perhaps a leopard too.

Lake Eyasi – Hunting with the Hadzabe tribe

Lake Eyasi is a seasonal shallow soda lake on the floor of the great Rift Valley at the base of Serengeti plateau, just south of Serengeti National Park and immediately south west of Ngorongoro Crater in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania. The meadows along the shores of the lake and the forest are home to a wide variety of wildlife and various birds. You can also visit the equally fascinating hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe and go hunting with them.

Empakai Nature/Hiking Trail

Empakai Crater is 300 meters deep and 6 kms in diameter. It is another collapsed volcanic caldera which is dominated by an 85m deep soda lake occupying about 75% of the crater floor. This is a truly beautiful, more isolated crater supporting a variety of unique and abundant aquatic birdlife including flamingo, sunbirds, turacos, pelicans, the black-winged stilt, cape teal and all sorts of wildlife including buffalo, gazelle, bushbucks, leopard, a variety of antelope, blue monkey and other animals. Very few people visit this crater compared to its more famous neighbour Ngorongoro Crater.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of the few places in East Africa where tourists are encouraged to walk through areas teeming with wildlife, provided that they do so with a ranger. There is a well maintained nature trail from the rim to the floor of Empakai Crater. The views along the trail downwards are spectacular at every point. It is a joy to walk around the lake shore, experiencing the serenity and quiet beauty of this wild spot. The Maasai are NOT allowed to graze their cattle in the crater.

Short hikes can be organized. The walk takes a mere 30 minutes of the caldera floor. The best time for hiking is around 06:00 am in the morning to 10:00 am and 04:00 pm to 06:00 in the evening.

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