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As Tanzania starts to receive safari bookings, so is Safarini Africa Ltd ready to welcome new and returning clients planning to travel to stretch out, as the world works relentlessly towards a turn-around to normal life.


Tanzania’s preparedness to receive visitors is compliant with WHO guidelines and the country’s directives and procedures as the priority concern is the safety of visitors and the hosts.

With collaborators in the safari chain to the destinations we offer, Safarini Africa Ltd is committed to offering her clients - from the point of entry to transfers to the destinations (including hotels, lodges, tented camps; the parks, beaches, mountain treks, meet the people tours, souvenir shopping and the rest) - to the final departure point, a travel experience worthwhile returning to another time.

In place at Safarini Africa Ltd are:

  • Office staff and driver-guides specially trained in handling covid-19 protocols;
  • Continuous contact with the government & its agencies, game parks authorities, accommodations, domestic airlines & airport authorities and others to be up-to-date with developments and to ensure health, safety and all related issues are at optimum level of adherence;
  • Readiness to share with our clients all protocols that ensure their safety as well as the safety of all the people who interact with them;
  • Flexibility with changes in clients’ travel plans - with involvement of other service providers
  • Readiness all the time to share with our clients travel related advice for unforgettable holiday experiences.

Tanzania Government Entry requirements

Please note that points 2 – 6 below are expected to be enforced with effect from 9th Aug. 2020 for all arriving passengers:

  1. Commercial flights are still accepted and have been since 18 May 2020. Many airlines have already resumed their flights into Tanzania, on a limited schedule.
  2. All travellers whether foreigners or returning residents entering or leaving the United Republic of Tanzania will be subject to enhanced screening for the coronavirus infection. There is no mandatory quarantine for those without symptoms.
  3. A Negative COVID-19 certificate issued within 72 hours of the start of travel (+-24 hours) from arrival to Tanzania will need to be shown on entry. Only PCR tests will be recognized, rapid tests will not be accepted as per the international standard for best testing.
  4. All international and resident travellers should observe and adhere to infection prevention and control measures such as hand hygiene, wearing masks, social distancing as appropriate.
  5. Travellers are required to truthfully fill out a declaration form available onboard or at the port of entry and submit to the Port Health Authority on arrival.
  6. All travellers entering should dispose of single use masks at appropriate waste collection stations.

Airlines are required to provide advanced passenger information which may be scrutinized by the Port Authority to identify high risk passengers

Preparing You Further:

Here' a Glimpse of What Awaits You as well as the Health & Safety Measures in Place: We trust the video answers most of your questions. Please contact us for anything further.

Safarini Africa Ltd extends to you a hearty KARIBU!

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